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Release notes


December 14, 2023

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See conflicts before they happen

What’s new

Peace plan.

New feature helps mitigate conflicts between equipment placement in the design stage.

  • Visualization highlights show where overlaps can pose problems, allowing AEC personnel to address issues before they cause problems in the field.


November 19, 2023

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Features that make work life in telecom a lot easier

What’s new

We listen.

Here's a summary of new features built with 5x5's keen sense for responding to customer needs:

  • Tenancy ... assign ownership to a range of entities within a digital twin model
  • Asset Grouping ... multiple structures on a site can now be found in one related data record
  • 3D EMF Visualization ... see important information about radio frequencies

Plus several bug fixes.


July 18, 2023

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Speed improvement

What’s New

More horsepower

Our code mechanics have been busy in the garage working up performance improvements for Gallery Inspector. Now page load times are much faster. Vroom!


March 22, 2023

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Just plane better

What’s new

Da plane, da plane.

5x5 Platform users can now set a plane or a sketch to public or private. This means more control for sharing rights to view and edit with other platform users. Users can now also duplicate a plane or sketch, and then rename and edit the plane or sketch.

Users who have organizational access to an asset version will be able to access the slice in RCAD by navigating to the slice model’s URL


January 24, 2023

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Custom shortcuts

What’s New

This is Key!

A new keybinding feature now allows you to customize keyboard shortcuts for a variety of actions within 5x5 RCAD.


October 18, 2022

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Save ground space

What’s New

Protect the Earth!

Saving ground space sounds like an eco-friendly move, but this patch (ha! a pun) actually fixes a bug related to ground space data.  Several other bug fixes included in this release, as well.


October 11, 2022

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Minor bug fixes

What’s New

Annoyance Reduction

Nobody likes it when a window opens too big or layers needlessly obscure information below. We certainly don't. Under the flag of "continuous improvement" we ventured forth to fix a number of small, but annoying, issues with software performance and the user interface. All better now.


September 12, 2022

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Significant updates to features, UI and overall performance

What’s New

Vertical Space

This feature now allows more flexible identification of open and occupied space. Where previous versions allowed only sequential identification, the new version supports identifying multiple overlapping spaces.

Feature Name Changes

Some features have been renamed for increased clarity.

  • Analyze is now Objects
  • Media View is now Gallery Inspector
  • Revisions View is now Model Editor

Related screenshots for illustration:

Screenshot of Object tool button
Use Objects to get detailed information
Screenshot of Gallery Inspector
Use Gallery Inspector to view 2D photos and more
Screenshot of Model Editor
Model Editor is a powerful simulation tool

Interface Improvements

  • “Objects” (previously Analyze) gets a new UI which makes it easier to examine objects within the asset.
  • A Help button has been added to the top navigation bar.
  • Switch Modes with a more intuitive dropdown in the navigation sidebar. No more hamburger menu.
  • Panorama and fallzone are now combined into one view that is more easily accessible within the Mode dropdown.
  • The tool layout in the Explorer Mode is updated for increased clarity. Buttons are now organized into three categories — Add Entities, Entity Analytics, & Flight Path — which can be contracted and expanded.
  • Tooltips have been added to many primary tools and features. Hovering the info icon for features like “Entity Analytics” show a description of the feature. Hovering some buttons will display a description of the tool.
Help button layout
Help is now just a click away
Dropdown navigation makes it easier to get where you need to be
Panorama and Fallzone are now available in one view
Helpful tips have been added in many places across the platform

Resolved Issues

Performance Boost

  • Site loading performance (a.k.a. speed!) on any site list within the portal is significantly improved.