Go Beyond the Twin.

Get CAPEX size returns for OPEX size investment with 4D+AI, the new standard in artificial intelligence for structural analytics.

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In all dimensions.

Liberate valuable data from digital twins

Leverage patented 4D+A.I. analytics

Integrate with leading BIM & CAD software suites

Enrich existing ERP, CRM & BPAM systems

Leading AI-driven
industrial asset analytics

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5x5 uses proprietary 4D+AI analytics to help you see, understand and optimize assets. Our team of computer scientists, mathematicians and PhDs have developed patented methods driving realities in structural asset management that were previously thought impossible.

Intelligent digital twin

It starts with modeling your data in three dimensions, and over time, using multiple layers of information.

Advanced artificial intelligence

Then proprietary 4D+Ai innovation automates analytics, equipment ID, change detection and other measures.

Enterprise data resources

This creates a two-way access to a data repository continuously enriched by 4D+Ai.

Transform Transformation.

Today, digital transformation demands higher standards. Visual intel is no longer enough. What you see on a site does not tell the whole story. That's why leading owners of structural assets turn to 5x5 for improved quality, workflows, and results.

High-Quality Analytics

Stringent operating procedures capture as-built conditions accurately and eliminate errors common to on-file data.

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Improved Workflows

Powerful 4D+AI analytics provide data and insights to improve design, construction, maintenance, finance, sales & more.

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Unparalleled Results

Reduce truck rolls, optimize productivity & manage remote operations with ROI proven to return multiples on investment.

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Digital transformation

Robust set of APIs to power organization-wide data distribution

CAPEX-sized returns for OPEX-sized investments

Compatible with IBM, Oracle, SAP and other enterprise-grade systems

Accurate data

Establish a trusted, single source of truth based on actual, as-built field data

Eliminate discrepancies found in up to 80% of aging asset records on-file

Track assets over time to understand impacts of planned and unplanned changes

Powerful design

Web-based access to structure data, high-res photos and high-fidelity 3D models

Enhance scenario planning and the potential impact of design decisions

Integrate with leading BIM & CAD software suites to accelerate workflows

Remote sitework

Integrate with leading digital tools to augment simulation workflows

Save time on tasks that drain staff resources from higher margin deliverables

Eliminate site visits with complete structure data, including high-res photos and versatile 3D models

Project efficiency

Improve adherence to budgets, timelines and tech requirements.

Streamline information flow to support actions from acquisition to close-out.

Access detailed information in the field on any internet-connected mobile device.

Lower cost

Improve safety and costs per inspection by using UAS technology to elminate climbs

Capture more accurate asset data to support mod, repair and regulatory requirements

Reduce truck rolls and unnecessary site visits

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