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5 Smart Questions: Digital Twin Quality

February 6, 2024


James Kunz

These 5 questions are a good way to evaluate the quality of sample twins.

With communications infrastructure as the backbone of global commerce and connectivity, leading firms in the space are increasingly adopting digital twins and data analytics to optimize network performance.

These five questions are a good way to evaluate the quality of sample twins.

  1. Are the digital twin renderings consistent across different assets?
    The portfolio should look homogenous to your eyes.
  2. Are all sides of rendered geometry detailed?
    Pro Tip: rotate the twin to check the undersides of structural elements. Watch out for blobs, holes and blurry features.
  3. Is inwardly-mounted equipment clearly rendered?
    This is a good way to check if the data collection was executed with sufficient orbits and proper gimbal angles.
  4. Does the twin include a usable render of the ground compound? A high-quality model clearly shows important elements from the ground to the highest appurtenance.
  5. What interventions does the twin provider take to overcome known render challenges, such as blind spots and render loss at extremities? The best providers have practiced methodologies.

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